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Who we are

Plants + Nature + Fine Art
Willow & Dove is a small, woman owned business that serves Essex County, MA with in person indoor and outdoor planter design services. Worldwide, fine art prints and ceramics, created by Megan, are available for shipping to be enjoyed anywhere.


What we do

Design services that come to you. We do the work of traveling from nursery to nursery curating the most gorgeous seasonal plant stock. We'll consult with you on your design needs and then pull together statement planters of all sizes for your indoor and outdoor enjoyment.

Planter Pricing

We're the plant design experts so you don't have to be. All planters are sourced from seasonal stock to best fit your design needs. Local garden centers and nurseries are constantly brining new selections so we can't promise any one design, but rest assured it will be the best available.

Large Outdoor

Statement pieces. Entryways, and pool side accents.  


Small Outdoor

Cluster a series of smaller pots on entry steps, or near a pool, whatever your need.


Table Top

Our indoor planters will bring your space touch of sculptural.


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